Ginza Tokyo. Japan. 2002
Nicholas Sherman was born in the USSR, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). He graduated with a Masters Degree in Cinematography from the All Union State Film Institute (VGIK) in Moscow in 1971 and worked as a cinematographer at the Leningrad Science-Popular Film Studio (Lennauchfilm) where he shot more than 40 films travelling extensively across the USSR.

In 1979 Nicholas left the Soviet Union. He has worked as a Director of Photography, as a Director and as an Editor filming in many countries around the world.

Nicholas shot in Australia and beyond its borders more than 50 films in different genres: features, documentaries, commercials and corporates. His work has been recognized at different international and Australian film festivals and competitions.

Since his youth Nicholas constantly has been active in photography which is the basis of moving images (cinema). Nicholas has had four exhibitions of his photographic work: in Leningrad  (Saint Petersburg) (1969); in Jerusalem (1981) and two exhibitions in Melbourne at Intrude Gallery (2003 and 2006).